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Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro invite you to a live internet chat about The Hobbit
14 May 2008

Peter and Guillermo would love to answer your questions and hear your comments about our new adventure into Middle-Earth.

Please register now - to make sure you don't miss out on the Unexpected Party and get regular updates on the movies.

Weta are excited to be hosting this one-hour live online chat on the Weta website Please check the start time for your time zone below:

Los Angeles (Pacific) - Saturday 24 May 1 pm
New York (Eastern) - Saturday 24 May 4 pm
London - Saturday 24 May 9 pm
Paris, Berlin, Rome - Saturday 24 May 10 pm
Sydney - Sunday 25 May 6 am
Wellington, Auckland - Sunday 25 May 8 am

See you at the Unexpected Party!

Featured Company - Sanjay Chand
My primary skill is lighting, but I am also proficient in texturing, shading, creature and environment modeling, and compositing.... more
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