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Image courtesy Platform Post Production

Platform Post perfects children’s comedy ‘SCOOP’ for CBBC
7 Jan 2009

The team at Platform Post Production has completed picture post and VFX on SCOOP, a new 13-part Children’s comedy/drama for CBBC.

The series stars Shaun Williamson as floundering newspaper reporter Digby Digworth who, accompanied by his faithful hound Hacker, chases the latest story for local newspaper The Pilbury Post. His newspaper editor, played by Mark Benton, assigns him to a story each week but Digby’s attempts invariably end in disaster.

Visual FX were key in making SCOOP’s ambitious scripts come to life. Platform Post was involved from pre-production stage to ensure the process ran as smoothly as possible with 3D animator Rob Fellows briefed to create many of the graphic elements and scenes surrounding Digby’s bizarre adventures. FX work ranged from exploding plants to flying beehives, love-struck police-robots, and dog-shaped topiary, which made Rob’s work varied and intricate.

“First I sketched out some ideas by hand to make sure that what I had in mind for each scene was in line with what the clients wanted. Then I built-out the required elements in 3D Studio Max ready for compositing. One scene that needed to be completely modeled in 3D was where some Aliens come down from outer-space. The spaceship itself needed to be created, as well as a background of the earth, zooming into view,” Fellows said. “Much of the graphic work involved was location FX enhancement, adding 3D buildings into shot, and the addition of single animated elements such as beehives and explosions. The resulting programme is a fun-filled and energetic comedy that the kids will absolutely love,” he continued.

The 3D work was composited in Autodesk Smoke during the online edit to streamline the FX process, and to add the final touches quickly and effectively, minimizing the transfer of material between suites.

Platform’s Michelle Turkington offlined the episodes in Avid before Simon Cruse & Mike Holliday completed the online, all in Smoke. “Because of the flexibility that using Smoke gives to the online edit, we were able to grade and composite the 3D & VFX elements to match the other programme footage seamlessly” Holliday said.

Image courtesy Platform Post Production

Name of project: SCOOP
Production company: CBBC
Channel to broadcast: CBBC Channel & BBC1
TX date: JAN 2009
Episodes:13x 28 mins
Producer: Jonathan Brown
Directors: Jack Jameson & Sasha Ransome
Production Manager: Sue Vogel
Executive Producer: Steven Andrew

Platform in-house team:

Offline editor: Michelle Turkington
Online editors: Mike Holliday & Simon Cruse
Visual FX: Rob Fellows

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