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Mike York
name: Mike York
username: Mike York
status: Seeking Fulltime Employment
experience: 4 years

sd rating: 62.81
location: San Francisco, California
United States
languages: English
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Roles & Skills
3D Character Rigger / Animator
3D Generalist
Character Rigger
Motion Capture
Programming Languages
MEL Script
Programming Platforms
VFX & Post Production Software
3DS Max
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Livetype
Mental Ray
Softimage 3D
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I am VERY familiar with cleaning up Mo-cap dataas well as creating realistic human
movement that is hand key framed. Notonlydo I feel Ican be a strong member of
your team but Iwould reallylike to grow asan artist and as a person with your company.

Please take a look at my resume below and If you would like to take a look at my Demo Reelplease do so at

Thank you for your time and consideration
Mike York
Character Animator

Work Experience


Shaba Games/Activision
San Francisco,CA June 2009 - Present

Cleaned up Motion Capture data and key framing over the top of it using Motion Builder and 3d studio max. Work included detailed key frame animation for the characters hands and editing it over raw motion capture. Also created custom moments as well basic looping actions for characters.

House of Moves
Los Angeles, CA / November 2008 - Jan 2009

Editing of motion captured animation for multiple game, film, and commercial projects. Work included penetration fixes, adjusting contacts between multiple characters. Animations ranged from high detail sequences with a large amount of character and prop interaction to single character loops for in game movement. Also assisted with reviewing and fixing Solves in Diva & in house software Blade, Blending and looping animations in Motion Builder

Titles Worked On:
Uncharted 2 - (Naughty Dog)
Saboteur - (Pandemic Studios)
Chadam - (HD Films)

Montecito College of Fine Art and Design
Monrovia, CA - March 2008 - June 2009
3d Animation Instructor

Taught the animation principles from bouncing balls all the way to 2 person dialog shots to students ranging from the ages of 8-25. Created a custom 3d curriculum for all students and teachers to follow as well as assisting in evaluating student portfolios and demo reels. Also taught rigging, scripting, dynamics as well as texturing and modeling.

DEOS Animation Studios
Lawrence, MA - Jun 2008 - Sept 2008
The Hidden Treasure of Wompkee Wood - Animated Film

Animated a total of 32 shots for a kids movie to be shown on Mars Vista Entertainment. Worked closely with the animation director using storyboards and scene descriptions in order to complete animated sequences.

Novint Technologies
Santa Fe, NM Feb 2006 - Aug 2007

Responsible for acting choices, developing key poses and final breakdowns for creature and animal movement. Also created a custom facial rig for the main character using bones and the reaction manager inside 3d studio max in combination with Character Studios biped setup.


Strong sense of timing for human movement using keyframe animation
Solid knowledge of the fundamentals of animation
Solid knowledge of anatomy and facial expressions during dialog and acting
Experience in a 3D animation pipeline for games including feature film work and television
4 years animation production experience using the below applications and programs.

Maya, Motion Builder, Character Studio, , 3ds Max , Softimage XSI & Zbrush


Jan 2008 - Present
Animation Mentor - Online Character Animation School
Short Film Pre-Production Mentor: Cal Brunker
Advanced Acting Mentor: Nicole Herr
Intro To Acting Mentor: Jay Jackson
Body Mechanics Mentor: Steve Cady
Basic Foundations Mentor: Martin Hopkins

The Art Institute of Colorado
2003 - 2007 Bachelors of Arts, Media Arts & Animation

Awards & Accomplishments

Certificate of Excellence - Graduating Demo Reel (Dec 2007)
Honorable Mention Award - Graduating Portfolio (Dec 2007)
Front Page Featured Digital Painting & Tutorial on
Student 2 Student Mentor at The Art Institute of Colorado

Academic Qualifications

Animation 2008 - Present

Bachelor Degree in Media Arts & Animation
The Art Institute of Colorado 2003-2007

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